Veronika Csonka

Cairo Contemporary, Budapest

1071 Budapest, Lövölde tér 7.

2024 July 5 - August 4

On view: 0-24h

In her art, Veronika Csonka reflects on technological innovations and the reason for their creation.
A significant part of today's technological developments is created in order to neutralize and reverse the damage caused by industrial overproduction, both past and present. The damage caused has a major impact on land and natural waters as living territories, and thus the organically existing conditions of plant and animal populations are being adversely affected. Some species adapt very quickly to the changing living conditions, but there are many species that would disappear. In these cases, human intervention is needed. Artificial habitats are created to preserve endangered species.

The artist’s work focuses on situations in which living creatures are taken out of their own context and placed into a new environment with artificially created living conditions. Instead of their natural environment, they are in engineered systems (e.g. vats, water tanks ) where machines, devices and sensors provide the conditions for existence.

For the artist, these situations are, among other things, about servitude, adaptation, progress, care, but they are paradoxical situations in which the will to find a solution is as much present as the uncertainty.
Her installations and objects can be considered as spatial drawings, drawn with a 3D pen, centimetre by centimetre. They are made of recycled plastic, complemented by stainless steel supports.

Veronika Csonka born in 1992 in Siófok, Hungary, currently living and working in Budapest. She graduated from the Hungarian University of Fine Arts as a visual artist in 2019, and as a teacher of fine arts in 2021.


Curator: Gábor Pintér
Supported by Erzsébetváros Municipality
Cooperation partner: Bischitz Johanna Integrated Human Service Centre


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