Dancefilms Of Thierry De Mey

Screening and talk with the artist

2020. Febr 11., 7pm

Három Holló

  (1052 Budapest, Piarista köz 1.)

Thierry De Mey (BE), born in 1956, is a composer and filmmaker. An instinctive feel for movement guides his entire work, allowing him to tackle and integrate a variety of disciplines. The premise behind his musical and filmic writing is the desire for rhythm to be experienced in the body or bodies, revealing the musical meaning for the author, performer and audience. He has developed a system of musical writing for movement used in pieces where the visual and choreographic aspects are just as important as the gesture producing the sound, such as in Musique de tables (1987), Silence must be! (2002) and Light Music, which premiered at Lyon’s Musiques en Scène biennial festival in 2004.

A large part of his music production is intended for dance and cinema. He has often been more than a composer for the choreographers Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker, Wim Vandekeybus and his sister Michèle Anne De Mey, offering his precious collaboration in the invention of “formal strategies” – to use a favourite expression of his.

_Dom Svobode (En Knap) | 2000 | SLO/BE | 30:00
_Table Music (Musique de Table) | 1998 | BE | 06:56
_One Flat Thing (William Forsythe) | 2006 | DE/USA/BE | 16:08
_Floréal | BE | 1983 | 05:49
_Rosas danst Rosas (Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker) | 1997 | BE | 57:00

The program is subject to change.

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Organised by Rózsavölgyi Zsuzsa, Pintér Gábor

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