Erik Tollas - Zsófia Magdolna Nagy
Dancing with the SCOBY

Cairo Contemporary, Budapest

1071 Budapest, Lövölde tér 7.

2024, March 1-29

Erik Tollas and Zsófia Magdolna Nagy's kombucha happening focuses on the observation of time, in which opposites are linked: movement with immobility, plastic with living organisms, the visible with the invisible, installation with still life.

Erik Tollas (1981) graduated from Eszterházy Károly College, Faculty of Drawing and Visual Communication, then from the University of Pécs, Faculty of Visual Arts, Painting Department. He is interested in the totem as a symbol system and its various abstractions, where the work becomes the pure nature of colour and form through the conscious reduction of gesture. While creating, he creates instinctive drawings, automatic signs and sign systems, in which the mark-making is linked to natural phenomena and becomes a prayer to Mother Earth.

Zsófia Magdolna Nagy (1989) also graduated from the Faculty of Visual Arts of PTE, Painting Department. Her work combines different media and materials, including painting, sculpture and installation. His monochrome moulded canvases explore the image and its borderlands. His experimental works combine different materials to create various hybrid objects. Objects peeled of their function in her work are recycled into a reinterpretation, thereby fixing the change that results from their passing.

Both artists are members of BUMm - Budakalász Studio House.


Curator: Gábor Pintér
Supported by Erzsébetváros Municipality - Cultural District Catalyst Grant
Cooperation partner: Bischitz Johanna Integrated Human Service Centre


Lakin Ogunbanwo [NGR]
are we good enough

Cairo Contemporary

Official event of Budapest Photo Festival

Ogunbanwo’s project began in 2012 when he first became interested in the traditional dress of ethnic groups in Nigeria: the Yoruba, Ibo and Hausa-Fulani and others. Dress is a very clear indicator of ethnic identity in Nigeria and Ogunbanwo has observed the younger generation creating contemporary hybrids of western and traditional, reinventing the visual codes through which they publicly communicated aspects of themselves.

More details are coming soon.


Curator: Gábor Pintér
Supported by Erzsébetváros Municipality - Cultural District Catalyst Grant
Cooperation partner: Bischitz Johanna Integrated Human Service Centre


Tünde Fülöp
The Thread of my Life

Cairo Contemporary, Budapest

1071 Budapest, Lövölde sq 7.

2024, February 2-25.

In her work, Tünde Fülöp translates the psychosocial development theory of psychologist Erik Erikson into the language of textiles. Reflecting on Erikson's work entitled The Eight Stages of Our Life, each ladder corresponds to a stage of development. The sections between the rungs serve as a kind of alternative weaving frame, and the structures woven between them represent the self.

Tünde Fülöp graduated from the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design with a degree in Fashion and Textile Design, then Teacher of Design and Visual Arts. Her thesis, The Thread of My Life, was created in 2020 and won the prize of MANK in 2021 at the VII International Triennial of Textile Art in Szombathely. In addition to her solo exhibition at K28 Gallery, her works have been exhibited at the Hungarian Academy in Rome, MŰTŐ Gallery and Klebersberg Culture Curia at the Budapest Design Week.
In addition to textile design, she also experiments with painting and geometric collages of materials. 

"Live as long as I give light," my father said at a family reunion. Since then I have used these words as a legacy. It encapsulates the two most important things in my life, faith and creation. By being able to create, I feel alive and to exist in my place. My working tool is the thread that connects me to art, to people, to society. The rhythmic weaving that builds on top of each other tells our story. It is body that contains the imprint of humanity, and I add my own perspective. A system I live in and breathe in its grid. Yet it does not oppress me, but gently surrounds me." - Tünde Fülöp

Curator: Gábor Pintér

Supported by Erzsébetváros Municipality - Cultural District Catalyst Grant
Cooperation partner: Bischitz Johanna Integrated Human Service Centre


Anna Sütő
Age synthesis

PUCCS Contemporary Art


“Being born in Yugoslavia means constant adaptation and balancing. Part of the country's history is the transition from golden age to war, from stability to complete uncertainty, marked by ethnic tensions, violence, and the eventual disintegration of a once-unified nation. These shifts have left indelible marks on its people and their environment, and it is this dynamic interplay that fuels my creativity. Through a combination of materials, built objects, and multimedia elements, I aim to convey the sense of fluidity and metamor- phosis that defines life in Vojvodina and beyond.” - Anna Sütő

Title of the installation is identical with the title of the art residency by Topolyai Művésztelep in 2022. The artpiece is in the ownership of Topolyai Művésztelep.  

Puccs Contemporary Art, 1084 Budapest, Víg u. 22.

Curator: Gábor Pintér
Supported by Józsefváros Municipality

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Parallel Art Foundation
1067 Budapest, Hungary