Fine Matters 2

Ais Gallery, Japan

Curator: Atsuo Hukuda
Assistant curator, text: Gábor Pintér
Coordinator: Atsuo Hukuda – Concept Space / AiS Gallery
Address: 1763-12, Shibukawa, Shibukawa, Gunma, 377-0008, Japán

In 2021, two events are realised in Japan as part of the long-term collaboration of Concept Space (JP) and Parallel Art Foundation (HU): a site-specific exhibition in the historical Rinko-Kaku Tea House and a group show at AiS Gallery.

The collaboration of the two organisations started in 2019, with the exhibition Fine Matters at Rómer Flóris Museum of Art and History in Győr, Hungary and with the international section of 51st Győr Artist Residency Program.

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Parallel Art Foundation
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