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2022 February 4-23

Puccs Contemporary Art
[Budapest VIII. Víg st. 22.]
Insight Project

Opening: 2022 February 3, 4-6pm

“The installation is a site-specific reinterpretation of the space of Puccs Contemporary Art, where photographs of the walls of the empty space are the fundamentals of the work.

Each photo reproduction was printed on big-size sheets and each wall-print was placed in front of the original wall. They levitate lightly, sometimes suspended and draped. The whole installation might remind us to the white-sheet-covered furniture of buildings with no function, or under reconstruction; and the mechanism of action has a nature as if the space itself had been left to itself in the middle of the city.

Through the space-segments printed on sheets, reality and its replacement with itself, with the image of itself becomes dominant. The dichotomy of the real space-segment and its reproduction creates a third, conceptual space, where similarity triggers perturbation, and the void between identities burst the relation of object and space.

As if nothing would be there, yet it would be full of phenomena to be captured. These phenomena could be described as the existence in nothing or the gesture of not doing anything, where the space itself is interpreted as inactive space, and yet it is covered with itself and becomes active agent by itself.”

Puccs Contemporary Art in District 8 was opened by Bullet Shih in 2014 as a forum for presenting engaging art. Bullet’s family continues to operate Puccs in his loving memory.

Insight Project is a new initiative of Parallel Art Foundation. Five artists were selected through an open call to realise site-specific installations that are visible only through the windows of the space.

Supported by Hungarian Arts Academy

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