Tamás Herczeg Grandma’s Land, Grandfather’s Thread

2022, Sept 30 – Oct 27
Opening: 2022, Sept 29, 6-8pm
PUCCS Contemporary Art
[VIII. Budapest, Víg u. 22.]
Insight Project

“The installation is based on my childhood experiences in my grandparents’ tailoring workshop. Both became urban industrialists from village farmers. Their small workshop was dominated by rattling Singers, wool rolls, oddly shaped scraps of fabric, irons, chalk powder, a tailor’s table and scissors, wooden rulers, a dripping tap and, above all, scraps of thread. In a thousand different colours, lengths and thicknesses. The installation examines the afterlife of this heritage, the final distancing from it, and the transformation of knowledge. The workshop, the material, the craft become an exhibition object arranged in form.”

Tamás Herczeg (Sopron, 1969) is an architect, living in Budapest and a lecturer at the Design Department of the University of Győr. In addition to architecture, its peripheries and related arts are also part of his interests and activities. Until now, he has practiced this type of activity mainly as project manager of university creative workshops. His first independent visual art appearance will take place in the framework of the Insight Project at Puccs.
As an artist, he primarily attempts to examine the relationship between the space and the people who exist in it, in the broadest possible sense, from the physical features to the narrative context.

Curator: Gábor Pintér
Supported by Józsefváros Municipality

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Parallel Art Foundation
1067 Budapest, Hungary