Tamás Szentirmai – János Vági preconception / manipulation

2022 11 10 – 2023 01 05

2022, Nov 10 – 2023, Jan 5
Opening: 2022, Nov 9, 6-8 pm
PUCCS Contemporary Art [VIII. Budapest, Víg u. 22.]
Insight Project

We tend to think that we are aware of the world surrounding us, that we find our way about, that we know what to expect and we are prepared. However, we meet the same misconception lurking in the aforementioned ideas when passing by Víg Street, we think wrong that we know the spaces behind the shop windows, that by the geometry of the front we are able to judge its dimension, size and direction. Arriving to PUCCS we are trapped by our preconception, the knowledge considered to be profound is questioned by the manipulation of the space, the scenery levels a blow at our worldview. We are trapped by our preconception, by external manipulation.

Tamás Szentirmai (Budapest, 1977) architect, Head of Department of Architecture, University of Debrecen. His interest in the peripheries of architecture as well as in art projects has already started during his studies abroad. Since then, besides architectural design on a broaden sense, he is into visual arts, architectural photography and furniture design.
His focus is the sensation and usage of space, its consciousness and routinishness. He considers community creation important; his permanent creative partner is János Vági.

János Vági (Marcali, 1978), architect, (writer). Several of his works that are interpretable on the periphery of architecture are dealing with the examination of dimension of the space, the relation of perception and space-idea and the possibilities of the space deformation of the atmosphere. Works are manifested as space installations, 1:1 experimental mock-ups, or just acts in the space. Such hustle with the space can be considered as the hustler’s ambition to find his unique language in architecture. However, giving it a voice is an other issue.

Curator: Gábor Pintér
Supported by Józsefváros Municipality

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Parallel Art Foundation
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