Kinga-Noémi Ács
Casino Project

2023, Jan 13 – Febr 2
Opening: 2023, Jan 12, 5-7pm
PUCCS Contemporary Art
[VIII. Budapest, Víg u. 22.]
Insight Project

PUCCS gallery is transformed into a sacred playground by the interactive group of mirror objects. In the focus of the exhibition, desire and the search for happiness are given a central role, where the reflections of our image in distorted and glittering mirror shards construct an altar to our desires and fears through symbolic gambling games. In the framework of the Casino Project, the group of objects bearing the latin title Suspiro consists of “sacred” casino objects with a mirror surface, which are connected in symbolic systems through the metaphor of games. The mirror objects have an ambivalent position, the essence of which is that you can win or lose, as well as raising the question: Are we other people’s toys or are we the gamers? The self-reflection inherent in the mirrors is coupled with the metaphor of a series of decisions, in connection with which steps through games teach you to experience the main driving forces of the world. The path of the search for happiness can therefore represent an inner initiation in relation to the game.

Kinga-Noémi Ács (Csíkszereda, 1997) artist born in Transylvania, graduated in 2021 from the Hungarian University of Fine Arts in the department of Graphic Arts. The center of her artistic activity is the usage and transformation of game motifs, which are embodied in interactive, multisensorial installations covered with mirror surfaces. In terms of the creation of the objects, these key elements focus in their both aesthetics and symbolism on the issues of how the sense of identity and connection of individuals and society is constructed in the systems that surround us today. The game, as an ambivalent motif, shows how, from the state of play that emphasizes vulnerability, the positive process of seeking happiness can be achieved through the easy learning process of the game. While the mirror surfaces emphasize the essence of the search for a self-reflexive process, since the mirror is the only tool that through which the creation of a relationship with ourselves can be realized, but at the same time, our environment is also reflected in it.

Curator: Gábor Pintér
Supported by Józsefváros Municipality

[photo by Cedric Af Geijersstam]


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