Kristóf József Balogh
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Puccs Contemporary Art

2023, 09 12 - 10 06
Opening: 2023, 09 12, 7-8.30pm

For the first time a tenant is moving in to Puccs Contemporary Art. This person would like to keep his identity in private, and he asks us not to disturb, not to knock, not to call and not to deliver any promotional leaflets during the exhibition.

Kristóf József Balogh has a degree of Graphic Art from The Hungarian University of Fine Arts. He mostly works in painting, but during Covid, he began to create figurative sculptures, where he elaborates familiar phenomenon, characters and conflicts. Working with experimental approach, where existing forms and topos are dissolved and reinterpreted.

Puccs Contemporary Art
Address: 1084 Budapest, Víg u. 22.
Opening hours: 0-12 pm

Supported by Józsefváros Municipality

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1067 Budapest, Hungary