Kinga Enzsöly

2023 11 16 - 12 08
PUCCS Contemporary Art

Opening: 2023, Nov 16,. 6-7.30pm
Opening music performance: Zsolt Sőrés - composer, sound artist

In her works, Kinga Enzsöly focuses on the relationships between the human and the natural worlds. Her inspiration lies in the territories where urban and natural environment encounter, intersect and interact. She is particularly interested in the parallels that human life shares with the flora and fauna, as well as with natural phenomena. This is how deep-sea creatures, tropical plants in greenhouses, birds, volcanic dust clouds or grasshoppers become the characters of her images.

In the white cube space of PUCCS Contemporary Art, the neon installation behind the window bars focuses on the gesture of a jump. The “jump” itself is disposed in a tight box, in a small closed space of the city, thus the spectrum of interpretation becomes strongly defined by the space.

The word jump is basically used to express movement, where the short duration is at least as important as the distance or the movement itself: the high jumper, ski jumper, long jumper, hurdler, pole-vaulter, triple jumper jumps; the swimmer jumps headfirst - while the body is tensed. A skateboarder's jump is more playful, even that of a ball player, the sports reporter also talks about jumping during ice dancing, but folk dance is also full of jumping movements. The children jump on the trampoline, on the bed, with a jump rope, in the sand, on the hopscotch or the buck. The eraser jumps, the ball, the spiral, the bishop in chess, the screen can also jump, but so can the mercury filament of the thermometer, just as a horse can jump. Every jump, every movement is a quick shift, either way in different - and at the same time equally short - time intervals.

Kinga Enzsöly visual artist, working and living in Budapest and Győr, Hungary. She graduated in painting at the Hungarian University of Fine Arts in 2005, where currently she is attending the Doctoral School.
In her art, the starting point is her own personal experience, which concern subjects arising out of general life situations, such as transience, absence, change and permanence, society, generational change, personal and impersonal
Her works relate to poetry, she uses associations, visual metaphors, analogies and sensual details. A subtle point of connection can rewrite the sphere of interpretation of an image.

Puccs Contemporary Art, 1084 Budapest, Víg u. 22.
Supported by Józsefváros Municipality

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