Roxána Bianka Mukus
Body Organisation

2023 12 14 - 2024 01 19
PUCCS Contemporary Art

Opening: 2023, 12.14.. 6-7:30pm

Roxána Bianka Mukus graduated from University of Pécs, Faculty of Sculptor. She became more interested in textiles as a sculptural material during the time of the covid epidemic. Her installation Body Organization is her first work on a larger scale if its kind. Her design was inspired by illustrations from biology textbooks and medical encyclopaedias, in particular microscopic images of organic structures found in nature (e.g. bone marrow, fungal spores). The shapes formed by nylon stockings filled with polystyrene beads evoke these biological phenomena. The "living creature effect" of the installation is its reconfigurability. The fixation, combined with self-adhesive velcro and hooks, allows it to be installed in a new way each time, giving it a unique identity in each space and a new face in each location.

Puccs Contemporary Art, 1084 Budapest, Víg u. 22.

Supported by Józsefváros Municipality

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Parallel Art Foundation
1067 Budapest, Hungary