Anna Sütő
Age synthesis

PUCCS Contemporary Art


“Being born in Yugoslavia means constant adaptation and balancing. Part of the country's history is the transition from golden age to war, from stability to complete uncertainty, marked by ethnic tensions, violence, and the eventual disintegration of a once-unified nation. These shifts have left indelible marks on its people and their environment, and it is this dynamic interplay that fuels my creativity. Through a combination of materials, built objects, and multimedia elements, I aim to convey the sense of fluidity and metamor- phosis that defines life in Vojvodina and beyond.” - Anna Sütő

Title of the installation is identical with the title of the art residency by Topolyai Művésztelep in 2022. The artpiece is in the ownership of Topolyai Művésztelep.  

Puccs Contemporary Art, 1084 Budapest, Víg u. 22.

Curator: Gábor Pintér
Supported by Józsefváros Municipality

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Parallel Art Foundation
1067 Budapest, Hungary